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    Ammo Mig Cobra Motor Paints

    Ammo Mig Cobra Motor Paints

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    With the Cobra Motor range of colours you can paint any zone of the vehicles, not only the bodywork but also the interiors, engines, rims, tyres, lights, exhausts, trims and any other detail of your favourite vehicles.
    Cobra Motor paints are acrylic based, but when airbrushed and diluted they behave like lacquers, thanks to their great resistance, covering capacity and fluidity. They also have a great self-levelling capacity which makes them very easy to use with both airbrush and brush. The biggest difference with other paints for car modelling is that they are non-toxic, which will allow you to reduce the toxic part of your hobby only to the lacquering phase. Another great advantage is that as they require dilution, the cans have a much higher yield than other brands of paints, so that one jar can be used for 4 or more models.
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