Zero Paints
Zero Paints

Zero Paints

What type of Paints are they?

The paints supplied are called "Basecoat Paints" which are a solvent based paint (similar to Cellulose but different) which dry with a matt finish and require clearcoating. As they are solvent based they need to be applied over a suitable primer, they can be Solid, Metallic, Mica, Pearl or Candy colours

Do they need thinning?
No, all paints are supplied pre-thinned for Airbrush use, they are thinned to a consistency which is suitable for Airbrushes with nozzle sizes of 0.3mm upwards. Additional thinners are available if further thinning is required.
It is not recommended to over thin the paint, too much thinners and increase the chance of the paint becoming to HOT and affecting/eating the plastic below the primer. If unsure test first.

Do I need to Clearcoat?
YES, All basecoat colours dry Matt and REQUIRE Clearcoating. The following Clearcoats have also been tested without any issues: Zero 2k Clearcoat, Zero Pre-thinned Lacquer, Tamiya TS13, Mr Hobby range (Mr Top Gloss etc), Halfords Lacquer Therefore most General Automotive Lacquers should be Ok, but if in doubt do a test first.