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Do you own a hobby related business? Do you manufacture your own products? Have you ever wanted a hobby shop to offer your products to their customers?

Fusion Scale Hobbies is proud to purchase products from a verity of hobby manufactures. If you would like to sell your product/s to Fusion Scale Hobbies, see our requirements below. 

Fusion Scale Hobbies may have interest in your product/s as long as they meet the following criteria. 

  • Product/s must be factory new (Used collection purchases are not currently accepted).
  • USA based business (International business must reach out via email for additional requirements)
  • You must be a hobby related business and/or have hobby related products for considerations.
  • You must be able to provide us with proper clean product images for our website
  • Your product/s must have a easy to work with SKU (Ex FSH100, not FSHHO901H-Q).
  • A set price list of the MSRP and Our Cost must be established (Fusion Scale Hobbies will not consider products with less than a 30% discount off MSRP). International products must be no less than 50% off MSRP. 
  • You must have freight terms set, will Fusion Scale Hobbies pay all freight costs or will you cover freight to our shop. Fusion Scale Hobbies will not cover freight charges guaranteed if the product discount is less than 40%. Fusion Scale Hobbies will not pay full shipping rates for international shipments as most inbound shipments may have US customs we will have to cover. Fusion Scale Hobbies will NOT pay retail shipping rates. If an order is received and the rates charged to Fusion Scale Hobbies are equal to consumer postal rates we will not restock your products. 
  • Payment terms must be set, how do you accept payments from us if we choose to stock your product? Fusion Scale Hobbies will NOT pay via Money Order. We also will not cover any credit card fees if you choose to accept credit card payments. If you desire a check, we will issue a check for the fist order pre paid. Subsequent orders will need to be shipped on terms of no less than a 15 day net after receiving the order. If you are an international manufacture, Fusion Scale Hobbies will preferer to pay via PayPal as it is the easiest option for you the manufacture and for Fusion Scale Hobbies to easily and securely send payment overseas. 
  • Ordering, Fusion Scale Hobbies will preferer to submit a PDF PO to you from our ordering system. If you seek an alternate way of ordering, it must be kept simple. Should you require Fusion Scale Hobbies to order via a website cart system, we will not accept order placement with a coupon code, your system must allow the ability to set pricing per customer account. 
  • Decide if you would drop ship orders (Not required, but does make your product more interesting to our team). We like to stock a selection of items, however odd products, large product or low selling products may be more beneficial to have drop shipped directly to our customer.
  • Will your product/s have a MAP price (Minimum Advertising Price). Fusion Scale Hobbies will consider a product/product line with a MAP in place, however we do not guarantee we will accept the line to our catalog.

Should you feel your brand can work with our terms, please reach out to info@fusionscalehobbies.com. Please include information on your product, as well as information on the above requirements. Once receiving your email we will reach out to you with an answer or further questions within 72 hours (Monday-Friday).